With a river in the heart

In 2022 Bononia Estate Winery & Resort became the host of a new Bulgarian series called “With a river in the heart”. The project of Nova Television took place mainly in our winery, hotel and production area, own vineyards, the town of Vidin and the surrounding area.

About the series:

A brother and a sister try to keep the inherited lands and the family winery on the shore of the Danube river. Each of them embarks on a complicated love affair. An unexpected guest arrives in the coastal town, who will ignite greed in people’s hearts and will try to take away their love. Three women will have to hide their dangerous secrets, and three men will fall victim, each to their own weakness.

Against the background of economic crises and turbulent family changes, secrets come to light. Those who live in opulence will become poor, the humble will taste the taste of wealth. Weakness becomes strength.

But all this comes at a high price…

The series, in which love and hate, separation and expectation, revenge and betrayal are intertwined, is the work of the writer Georgi Tenev, who is the main screenwriter. “With a River in the Heart” also touches on many socially relevant topics such as violence against women, child trafficking, poverty and the fight against crime.

Behind the film production is a team of proven professionals whose names are associated with some of the most successful contemporary Bulgarian films and series: “In the Heart of the Machine”, “Wild and Happy”, “Attraction”, “Villa Rosa”, “Undercover” “. The director and creative producer is Martin Makariev, and the chief cinematographer is Andrey Andreev. The producer of the series “With a river of the heart” is Svetlin Neinski.

Bononia Estate Winery & Resort

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