Danube Day package

 28 – 30 june

On the occasion of the Danube Day which is celebrated on 29 June, we, Bononia Estate, together with the wine expert Ivan Makedonski, have prepared for you a different weekend during which we intertwine the present and the past.

Ivan Makedonski is a Bulgarian wine expert, taster and consultant.

He is a graduate of the University of Food Technology in Plovdiv and has undergone trainings in various wineries in Bulgaria and Europe (Spain, Italy, Germany, Greece, etc.). He has specialised in viticulture and wine-making in Spain.

Over the past 10 years, he has run courses on different wine topics at CASAVINO. He has organised master classes and own projects related to wine and its culture. He is part of the expanded panel for the final tastings of DiVino TOP 50 for 2023.

On 29 June, we will sail along the waves of the Danube and we will let the stream take us to all the vineyards that will be our harbour. We will go back in time to track the history of these places and see where we have been and where we are now. About the limits of possibilities, about the lifestyle and the time when wine has been a driving force. About knowledge, culture and life, about developing your country and being proud of it. More than ever.

The programme includes:

Master class and tasting “On the Waves of the Danube” with Bulgarian wines, whose vineyards and cellars are in close proximity.

*It will be divided into 2 parts and 12 wines will be tasted. The participation includes materials for note-taking, water, bread and appetisers from meat producers. All this accompanied by a beautiful view of the Danube River.

Art Wine Dinner “Stories from Vidin”, a project specially created for Bononia Estate.

* Five-course gourmet dinner with our own dishes inspired by the region’s history from the distant 1920;
* Specially selected wines from Bononia Estate;
* Musical environment;
* Visions and scenes from the novel Bitieto by Vladimir Zarev and the film The Tree of Life.

“Stories from Vidin” is a culinary and wine project (dinner-spectacle), created especially for Bononia Estate, as part of the “Danube Day” which is celebrated on 29 June. It intertwines cultural plots and lines, telling about the past and the history of the region around Vidin. Study of the relationship of man with the place, with the native. Return to roots and fundamentals. Towards the beginning of our true European presence and the opportunity to retain and develop it. All this through the eyes of wine today, as we want, seek and make it…

Prices and discounts:

Master Class and tasting “On the Waves of the Danube” – BGN 74 /per person /incl. wine, water, note-taking materials, small plate with appetisers/;

Art Wine Dinner “Stories from Vidin”, a project specially created for Bononia Estate – BGN 210 /per person;

If you book two nights, the Master Class and the tasting “On the Waves of the Danube” is free of charge;
If you book one night, the activities are paid additionally;
The participation in Art Wine Dinner is mandatory if you book a night’s stay on 29.06.2024;
Nights are at regular prices. Those who have booked VIP apartment or maisonette, receive complimentary gifts.

For more information and reservations, call + 359 882 362 623 or hotel@bononiaestate.com